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Dr. Delfino


Physician researcher Dr. Ralph Delfino & colleagues found that hospital/ER visits for respiratory problems; e.g., asthma, spike upward during California wildfires; even for areas many miles away.

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Researching the Genetic & Environmental Basis for Human Health & Disease

UC Irvine’s Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI) is celebrating its 5th year as a collaborative institute at UC Irvine. GERI is one of only 17 organized research units (ORU) campus-wide and home to well over 50 internationally recognized scientists working together and with the community to better protect the health of our children, family and friends. GERI has a rich tradition of studying the genetic and environmental factors leading to complex human diseases, like cancer and cardiovascular disease. If we are to understand these important health problems, we must bring together researchers from many scientific disciplines to fully explore the medical essence of human health.


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